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What's "Retirement"?

Contrary to popular belief, retirement is more of a dollar amount than it is an age-based milestone. I believe that retirement can be viewed as a period of time in your life where your use of capital - time, money, and energy - is best aligned with your desires.

How Much Does a Financial Planner Cost?

Financial IQ #36

The Writing Is On The Wall

During times of digital evolution, all that everyone truly wants is an easier, better, or more efficient way to accomplish tasks that are already being done - and a digital currency and blockchain-based ecosystem allows that exact thing to happen. That same technology is also serving as the foundation and railway for wealth equity across the world.

Fees to Watch Out for In The Finance Industry

If you keep these fees in mind, you'll have the upper hand and won't get taken advantage of by a bank, credit card company, or a money-hungry salesman disguised as a financial advisor.