The 4 Most Dangerous Words in Personal Finance

Financial IQ #46 • By being proactive and addressing tasks head-on, you begin to remove anxiety and uncertainty around whatever you're doing. And personal finance isn't the only part of life where this is true.

Why I'm Planning to Buy a Home in 2023

Financial IQ #41

Introducing The Crypto Guide

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How Much Does a Financial Planner Cost?

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3 Easy Ways to (Properly) Invest in Crypto

But all 3 of these solutions have one key common denominator. They allow for self-custody.‍ What's self-custody? Basically, it means that you're in full control and ownership of your assets.

How to Earn More on Your Savings with Stablecoins

With a strategy in place, you can potentially earn more on your savings by diversifying out of cash and placing a portion of your savings into a higher-interest asset, such as stablecoins. You can limit the risk of pursuing higher interest assets by only using a certain percentage of your savings rather than the entire amount.

10 Terms to Know if You're New to Crypto

Once you understand how bitcoin works, why it has value, how blockchains work, and how it all works together - you begin to understand other aspects of the crypto world because you can piece together the knowledge you've gained from other places.

Fees to Watch Out for In The Finance Industry

If you keep these fees in mind, you'll have the upper hand and won't get taken advantage of by a bank, credit card company, or a money-hungry salesman disguised as a financial advisor.

Should I Have Life Insurance?

While it definitely depends on your situation, one general rule of thumb to get a rough estimate is to multiply your income times 10 + $100,000 per child for college expenses.

How Much Money Should I Have in My Emergency Fund?

General advice recommends that you have 3-6 months of living expenses saved. However after what we've experienced in the past year, I'm starting to lean more towards 6-12 months.

Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest?

If you only have a little bit of low-interest debt, prioritizing investing generally makes sense because you may be able to earn higher returns in the stock market than the low interest rates on the debt.

How Much Should I Actually Be Spending on Fun Stuff?

Whatever your budget allows. I know that's not the clearest answer, so let's dive a little deeper.