financial coaching
for freelancers & creators.

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I'm not a typical financial advisor.​

​​​When I'm not working with clients, I spend a majority of my time writing and growing my freelance portfolio.

As a freelancer you want to spend more time doing the things you love - that's why you started freelancing, right?  

Financial coaching is designed to take the stress out of your finances and provide you with clarity so you can confidently spend time on your passions knowing that financially, everything is going to be okay.

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what to expect.​

Most "financial advisors" only manage your investments and if you're lucky, they'll check in with you once a year.  

That approach saddens me because everyone deserves personal service and personal finance is much, much more than just investment management.

So I designed my relationships to be a place where you get high-touch care and all your financial needs met. I work with clients through two different relationships:

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let's see if we're the right fit.

Next Steps

1.  Schedule a free 15-minute virtual coffee​

2.  We go over your situation to see if it makes sense to work together​

3.  Take some time to think about it

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a financial relationship
designed with you in mind.

The freelance and creator journey is something that not everyone can empathize with. I understand the financial stress business can cause and the financial wins that business can bring. And my experience with growing a financial planning business & doing freelance work while managing my own finances gives me a unique perspective. ​I'm here to help create clarity and confidence in your financial life.​Personal finance is much more than just the numbers - it's about the people. My clients receive high-touch advice and support and my job's not done until you're confident with your money.​There's no phone directory or never-ending loop of customer service you have to go through to get your questions answered.  You get my direct phone number and can reach me at any time. Your time is valuable. So is mine. That's why I built my process with both of us in mind. Virtual meetings.  E-signed documents.  Fully digital account opening.​Financial advice has never been this convenient.

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