Content Writing: How Financial Advisors Can Use My Writing to Create More Content

With my content writing you not only get a piece of content, you get a building block for more content.

You see, when most people write a blog and share it, they only post the link on Facebook and LinkedIn after they write it and then it's done. Its shelf life is about 12 hours yet they spent 3 hours writing the post.

The way I approach content writing and marketing is through the lens of the target audience, and then the advisor, and finally - through the lens of a content marketer. This allows me to create a content marketing strategy around our top of funnel content (blog posts) and build out the micro content strategy to drive awareness (social media/content marketing).

This allows you to get more mileage out of your content, without all the time and work on your end. Working with firms on a retainer allows me to learn the brand voice, messaging, and target audience to build a content marketing plan that is true to your firm without you having to create every piece of content yourself.

But one of the best things outside of all that is the fact that advisors can use this written content as a script to easily record videos or short podcasts because the writing already matches your brand, all you have to do is read it and talk about it (like you already do with clients).

Here's an example of how an advisor could build their entire firm's marketing & growth around my content writing:

  1. Take the 4 blog posts per month
  2. Use them as a script and record videos for each one
  3. Edit the videos on Descript
  4. Edit and subtitle 2 social media clips (minimum)
  5. Pull the audio and post it on for free
  6. Go back and embed the podcast link and YouTube video in the original blog post for SEO boost
  7. Share & repurpose the blog post and associated pieces of content

With 4 blogs, 4 videos, and 4 podcasts (12 pieces of top of funnel content), you'll never have to worry about marketing or content again because over time, you can begin to repurpose the content and always have topics and content at your fingertips to post on LinkedIn, Facebook, or wherever your audience lives at online.

And in this scenario if this was my client, I would write the posts in advance so you would have all the scripts and could sit down in one morning, record four 5-minute videos, send them to me to edit them, I create the social media posts and upload the full video to YouTube, edit and upload the podcast, and update the blog post to feature all 3 ways someone can consume content - audio, video, and written word.

If you feel like you and your firm could benefit from this and you'd like to outsource your content writing & marketing, schedule a time for your free Discovery Call so we can see if it makes sense to work together.

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