A day of nothing

This essay isn't about personal finance, creating, or really anything.

I've tried to piece together something for a couple hours but to no avail.

So rather than spend the rest of my Saturday trying to power through and come up with some idea or topic, I'm just gunna write whatever comes to my mind in the next 5 minutes and move on to Day 14 tomorrow.

"I wonder how many cars are in this city"

"I wonder if I'll be able to come up a good topic tomorrow"

"Did I lose my ability to write?"

"I haven't eaten today, what should I make?"

"I need a nap"

"Where should I travel to after I get vaccinated?"

"I wish it wasn't raining so I could go skate"

"I'm hungry"

"My back f***** hurts"

"I wonder what Kanye's doing right now"

See ya tomorrow ✌🏼


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