4 Wild Quotes About Money from Dave Ramsey

If you've ever Googled anything about budgeting, debt, or credit cards, you've probably stumbled across Dave Ramsey's content once or twice.

He takes a very abrasive approach to offering financial advice. He's a "my way or the highway" kinda guy.

Here are 4 quotes from him that don't seem completely accurate:

“There's no good reason at all to have a credit card”

I can think of at least three.

Cash back. Purchase protection. Build credit.

“Responsible use of a credit card really doesn't exist”

Well, I'd like to think I use mine responsibly. You probably do too. And there's nothing wrong with using a credit card. If you treat it like a debit card, pay it off every month and spend consciously, swipe away.

Regarding stimulus checks - 'If $600 or $1,400 changes your life, you were pretty much screwed already'

Interesting statement coming from someone who sells financial programs where the first step states "save $1,000 for an emergency fund". So I guess using his own logic - if you need his help, you were pretty much screwed already...?

Regarding Bitcoin - "I would cash it out tomorrow, and I would put the money in some commonsense things"

The caller he was giving this advice to was asking what he should do with $100k profit in Bitcoin while having some debt and a mortgage. While I partially agree that if the goal of the investment was to win big so he could pay off debt quicker, then cash out and get that weight off your shoulders.

But to say "put the money in commonsense things" is bold. Just because Dave doesn't understand it doesn't mean someone else shouldn't invest in it.


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