I haven’t had a bad day since I started publishing every day. This is why.

I've been writing every day for around 60 days and publishing every day for the last 19.

I started writing every day at the beginning of February because I was in a bad rut. I couldn't think straight, I felt overwhelmed every single second of the day, I could barely function. The end of 2020 up until February was one of the toughest periods of time I've gone through mentally.

The only two options were to figure out how to get out of it, or give in to my problems and give up.

Since the latter isn't and will never be an option, I needed to figure something out.

So I started writing. And that's when everything changed.

I write first thing in the morning and there's a special feeling of empowerment you get when you work through an idea, write it out, and post it before the day even gets started.

It makes you feel like you've already won the day.

And for real, not like the “guru, morning routine, woke entrepreneurs” -- like it’s actually working for me and it feels really good.

Writing's helped me work through a lot of problems, it gives me a sense of purpose, it's helped me feel more confident in my ideas, and it just feels like a good skill to keep working on and developing.

I'm not saying that writing is the cure-all for everyone but if you find yourself stuck, writing may help. Even if you don't publish, it can help by putting your thoughts on paper rather than letting them keep swirling around in your head.

If you give daily writing a shot, let me know how it goes - I love hearing other people's experiences with it.


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