The inefficiencies of the real world

Random statement, but I forgot how annoying the real world is.

After being stuck inside for a year and doing everything digitally, we've become accustomed to the speed of the internet (or at least I have).

Yesterday, I sat on hold and got transferred around for about 2 hours just to get one question answered. Now, writing this essay as I'm heading out the door to go get in line at the courthouse just to get some confirmation that I don't owe property taxes so I can begin the process of getting new registration and tags for my car .

Why can this not be done online and email me the confirmation?

After this, have to schedule an appointment to get my car inspected.


And then have to go to Office Depot to print off an application.

because who tf has a printer?

Finally, the best part, get to wait in line at the DMV.

All of that just to continue driving my car the way I have been.

I assume all of this will probably take about a day, when it could be completed online in maybe 20 minutes.

I wonder if they don't care about improving processes because they're a necessity and people have to get this stuff done no matter how bad it is?

I don't know, but after this experience I'm even more confident that businesses who prioritize UX and making things as convenient as possible for the consumer will dominate in the long run.


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