Your accomplishments (or lack of) don't define you

"I don't need football to make me feel worthy as a person"

-Trevor Lawrence, projected #1 NFL draft pick

When I saw this quote, I immediately had to write about it.

It hit deep.

As someone who's widely known for what he's accomplished on the football field, for Trevor to say he doesn't need football to feel worthy as a person sounded crazy to me.

But he doesn't need football to be happy or feel worthy because he has those feelings inside of him. He's at peace with himself and competes because he loves it, not because he needs it to feel whole.

A few months ago, it felt like my self-worth was tied to the content I was putting out. If the content wasn't good or was non-existent, the same was true for me. If a piece of content failed, I failed.

It was an awful, draining mindset to be in. It destroyed me and took about a month to recover and reset this way of thinking.

It made me question why I was thinking this way and I think the main reason was that I lacked self-confidence and needed to feel accomplished and get validation that what I was doing was "good" for me to feel anything.

You don't need someone's validation to confirm what you're doing.

You don't need stupid amounts of money to live a good life.

You don't need a successful business to be considered a successful person.

Sure, external success and accomplishments and sources of happiness can be great - but they can't be the only thing fueling your motivation and happiness.

So by prioritizing self-love and gratitude and self-care, no matter what happens externally, you'll be happier and feel fulfilled from within.

This allows you to thrive and live a better life which in turn, can serve as a catalyst to living a more impactful life.

At your funeral people won't remember your accomplishments - they'll remember the kind of person you were and the impact you made.


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