My Favorite Money Rules from Ramit Sethi

A lot of the personal finance "gurus" throw around advice that looks great on paper but isn't always applicable.

But then I found someone last year who prioritizes spending on things you love, takes your values into account, and offers practical advice to get ahead financially.

Like other people, I was initially turned off by the title of his book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, but here are a few of my favorite money rules Ramit uses in his own life:

Prioritize time outside the spreadsheet

There's more to life than just money. Spend some time getting in a good position, but don't forget money's just a tool to get you where you want to be.

Always have a one year emergency fund

After 2020, we should all expect the unexpected and a one year emergency fund helps protect your financial picture.

Earn enough to work only with people you respect and like

This is probably the toughest to achieve, but one advantage of doing well financially is having choices. Having the choice to turn down a job that's not right or having the choice to start your own business or hustle.


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