The 6 Biggest Realizations I've Had From #Ship30for30

Only 2 more essays to go.

Have to give myself a little pat on the back because I really wasn't sure if I could publish for 30 days straight.

But here we are and these are 6 things I came to realize as I was reflecting on the past month.

Accountability helps

I couldn't have done it without the community. If I set out to do this alone, I would've probably given up around Day 6. But the encouragement and feeling of letting others down created accountability. Whatever you're setting out to do, get someone to hold you accountable.

Create constraints

A daily. 250 word. essay. Those are all the constraints I needed to get started. The constraints of daily and 250 words force you to keep it short and show up again the next day.

Brevity & clarity are king

Relating to constraints - you learn to edit and cut out anything that doesn't relate to the overall message. This increases clarity which increases the chances of resonating with a reader.

Distribution matters

I think I could talk about content distribution all day. From the way copy is written, to the times it's posted, to the platform you post on - the frequency and way you distribute content has a big impact on overall success from what I've seen.

Design matters, even in writing

This is honestly one of my favorite parts of writing essays. You can format it, change colors, and do whatever you think will make it more visually appealing and consumable. I plan to keep testing and playing around with different designs and formats.

Confidence is everything

Without confidence, it's hard to do anything. You have that underlying sense of doubt that makes you question everything. Through the challenge, my confidence has grown which has had a huge impact on my ability to keep publishing.


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