How I Made $250 Flipping Cereal Boxes

After Patrick Mahomes was named the 2018 MVP, it was confirmed that Kansas City had something special.

Throughout the season he put up video game numbers and took the Chiefs to the AFC Championship.

Then in late summer 2019, he landed a deal with HyVee that gave him his own cereal.

Being a lifelong Chiefs fan, of course I had to go get a couple boxes.

But then, I saw a story online about people selling them like $20 on eBay.

So I immediately drove back to the store.

Loaded up about 20 boxes and uncomfortably went to self-checkout with a cart overflowing with cereal.

Got home, took pictures of the boxes, and posted 2 of them for sale.

Sold in probably 10 minutes  🤯

But I didn't want to sell all of them individually and have to deal with printing labels and getting boxes and stuff so after those initial 2, I sold the rest as a bulk package.

Sold in a few hours. I couldn't believe it.

Just went to a grocery store, bought cereal, and made about $250.

I guess I was one of the first people to do it because afterwards, I looked at other listings and I would say half of them just stole the pictures I took for my listings and used them for theirs. Wild.


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