eBay Announces NFTs Can Be Sold on Platform

While there's not too many details available yet the fact that eBay, one of the largest marketplaces in the world, will be offering NFTs is a big deal for the creator economy.

With the assumption that the future world is going to be heavily digital, I believe NFTs are here to stay - though they may not look the same in 10 years as they do now.

Currently, I have the opinion that a majority of NFTs will be "worthless" in a decade. Too many people are treating it as a cash grab rather than what they can actually be used for.

But Gary Vaynerchuk's project, VeeFriends, is how I initially thought, and expect, the NFT-world to look like in the future.

I also believe the NFTs that don't have access features can still have value, just like standard art.

If someone viewed an NFT as art or a moment in history rather than a way to make money, it would have value to the buyer, no matter the future resale price.

Which is where I think a lot of the disagreements around NFTs are formed. Yes, there are a lot of people trying to get rich quick and viewing them solely as an investment - but there's also a portion of creators and investors playing the long game and I'm excited to see what the future of digital assets look like.

Essay #47 - 5.12.21


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