Treat Your Craft Like a Sport

I've been thinking about that tweet since it came across my feed because it's exactly how I felt about approaching entrepreneurship and more recently, writing.

My athletic career ended after I graduated college but competition and progression have become driving factors for almost everything I do.

In our careers, it's easy to lose sight of an end goal and feel like we're not making progress.

But if we can create competition against ourselves and strive for improvement, I think it's more enjoyable and almost gamifies the experience.

The nice thing about treating your craft like a sport rather than playing a sport is that chances are, you can participate in your craft much longer than an athlete can keep playing.

J. Cole released a 15-minute documentary this week leading up to his album that compared his love and passion for getting better at rapping to his passion for basketball.

He has to show up every day, put in the work, and hone his writing skills just like he has to do with basketball.

When you treat your craft like a sport it starts to become apart of your life, not just another task to do.

Essay #48 - 5.13.21


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