Don't Focus on Perfection, Focus on Direction

If you're a recovering or struggling perfectionist, I feel you.

At times it feels like a blessing, but then there's times where you just want to accomplish something without feeling the need to review every single detail 748 times to make it "perfect".

But the reality is - there's no such thing as perfection.

We can strive for it, but there's no final stage of perfect because everyone has a different perspective of what perfection looks like.

But if you focus on direction, now you can start making progress.

The mindset of perfectionism is prevalent in personal finance as well as in the creative process.

Too many (including myself) worry about setting up the perfect budget, making the perfect investments, or creating the perfect content instead of just getting started and refining later.

Focus on the trajectory of your efforts, not the appearance of getting them "perfect".

Essay #49 - 5.14.21


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