How to Successfully Quit Your Job

I felt suffocated at my last job.

The job itself was alright, but I knew I wanted more. I was doing the tasks for roles that were multiple promotions ahead of me but couldn't be promoted because I hadn't "put in my time".

I consider myself a quick learner so climbing the corporate ladder didn't feel like an option. So in June of last year I quit to start my business. And let me tell you, it was the best decision I've ever made and here's how you can do the same:

Have a Plan

I had been planning my exit for 2 years. This allowed me to put in work outside of the 9-5 to prepare for the business launch. It also gave me time to get my finances in order to be able to safely quit.

Give yourself a runway

Tying into the last point, if you're quitting your job with no backup source of income, you need to have money saved for a runway. For me, I gave myself 12 months of business expenses and about 6 months of personal. This runway allowed me to focus my time on the business at the beginning without the need for a part time job to help cover bills.

You don't want to rely on your new venture for income right away because it'll force you to make short term decisions.

Don't Burn Bridges

As good as it may feel to give your ex-boss a big F U on the way out, don't. You never know what connections they may have or help they can offer in the future. Life's long, don't play short term games.

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