Where Do Ice Cream Trucks Get Their Ice Cream From?

Last night I saw an ice cream truck driver walking out of CVS with bags of different ice cream products.

I'll be honest, I was shook.

Growing up in a small town, we didn't have an ice cream truck so anytime I hear or see one, I get a little excited 🍦

For me, there's always been a weird mystique around ice cream trucks.

I never knew how to become a driver or where they got the ice cream from.

I always pictured it in my head like a Scholastic Book Fair - drivers place their orders from a catalogue and there's a cool little shop where you pick it up and can browse other styles of ice cream.

And after doing a little research, I think my initial childhood thoughts were correct.

It looks like there's ice cream vendors that supply it, but they can also purchase from places like Costco.

Now I'm also curious - are ice cream truck drivers entrepreneurs, or employees of Big Ice Cream?

Essay #62 - 5.27.21


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