How Roblox Can Be The Solution to Youth Financial Literacy

No one likes talking about or learning about personal finance, especially kids.

So how do we educate the next generation?

Well, Roblox has 2 wildly important pieces of the puzzle: attention and gamification.

If you can turn something into a game, it automatically becomes more fun.

Roblox generates a lot of revenue through in-game purchases such as character skins - meaning kids buy things in the game to be able to show off to their friends.

Just like when we'd wear new shoes or a new outfit to school hoping someone would comment on it.

So my theory: Create a game based around financial literacy.

There's no in-game purchases on this one.

The only way to get rewards is through completing levels of the game.

And the rewards that are given?

The most prestigious in the game.

Like having the spinning gold cross emblem in Modern Warfare 2.

And you can only obtain them through playing the Fin Lit game.

Rewards translate to other games so if you won an exclusive skin, you could rep it in another game.

It'll probably never happen, but I don't know if this many kids have ever been in one central environment the way they are now that could make mass learning possible.

Essay #63 - 5.28.21


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