A New Generation of Writers

The friction of publishing a book is gone.

From ebooks on Gumroad to self-publishing, it's never been easier to get your words out into the world.

And not only that, it's also never been easier to sell online products.

I have a slightly influenced point of view on this from spending a lot of time on Twitter and consuming content from awesome creators, but I believe the next couple decades are going to produce some of the most value-packed, applicable books that have ever been created.

Because so many people have been learning new, desirable skills or career paths since the internet allowed us to do so, a lot of people want to learn what people who have done it have to say.

Arvid Kahl is a great example of this with his most recent book, The Embedded Entrepreneur.

He's built a following on Twitter, knew what could be valuable to his audience, so he wrote a book breaking down how to build an audience-driven business.

What better person to learn that from?

And as we continue to grow and evolve in a digital world, I think a lot of people who would have never considered themselves authors in the traditional sense are going to have stories to tell and lessons and learnings to share that can now be easily packaged and sold in book form.

Essay #64 - 5.29.21


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