3 Ways I'm Going to Try Reducing My Screen Time

My weekly screen time on Twitter two weeks ago was 14 hours.

Fourteen. Hours.

Two hours of every single day was spent scrolling through a feed of people's thoughts.

I'd even set screen limits but just kept clicking "remind me in 15 minutes".

Since that wasn't working, here's a few things that I'm going to try instead:

Switching my phone to black and white

I read this tip somewhere, but the goal is that by removing bright colors, our phones are supposed to be less intriguing.

Leaving it at home

I take my dog on a walk every morning and found myself scrolling and walking at the same time. So last week, I started leaving my phone at home. Nothing's going to happen at 6:30 in the morning that I need to immediately respond to.

Removing apps from the home screen

Today I deleted Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram from my main home screen to avoid seeing them as soon as I unlock my phone. It still keeps them installed on your phone, they're just not sitting in plain view.

Maybe a combination of all 3 will help, but I'll report back next Sunday to see what this week's screen time ends up being.

Essay #65 - 5.30.21


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