3 Reasons You Should Have One Main Niche

Having a niche in today’s noisy social media world is like wearing a suit to a Five Finger Death Punch concert (never been to one, but I think you would stand out...)

A niche can feel constraining at times, but here's why I believe having at least one main one works:

It Creates More Opportunity for Serendipity

Let's say you've been creating Notion templates and writing about how to use Notion for 2 years. Along the way, you've probably created a lot of content around the topic.

If someone was to wonder where to get started with Notion, they found your content somehow, and you had an extensive content library -- it's a no-brainer for that person to begin going down the rabbit-hole of your content and engage with you.

Content Creation Becomes Easier

When you have a niche you can focus a majority of your time on that topic, figure out every problem around that topic, and create audience personas.

This makes it easier to produce intentional, valuable content.

You Become an Expert

In a world where it seems like everyone knows a little about everything, being an expert on a topic is like a cheat code.

People know that you have the information and extensive knowledge to solve specific problems and you start to become a magnet for new business/relationships.

The tricky part is you usually have to be niche-less for awhile to truly find your niche.

You may not know what people want or need right away and that's okay.

Having a true niche takes time to develop but when you end up discovering it or building it, you'll know.

It'll just feel right.

Essay #66 - 5.31.21


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