4 Ways to Come Up With More Content Ideas

Use Reddit

There's an estimated 1.2 million subreddits and over 2 billion comments on Reddit - find relevant communities around your niche, consume the content, and the ideas will start flowing.

Use Google’s "People also ask"

Whatever topic you're creating content around, Google a few common questions or terms and use Google's "people also ask" function as an easy idea generator.

Read and steal inspiration

I think I've heard Ali Abdaal talk about this. Sometimes you have to consume to be able to create and some of my favorite and most random ideas come from reading blogs or publications.

I'll notice a headline or idea that stands out that I can twist and put my own spin on related to my own content.

Create a fake persona

Determine who you want to help with your content, narrow it down to one specific "person" and keep them in mind with all creation.

“What would Harry find valuable? How can I help Harry?”

Essay #68 - 6.2.21


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