The True Strength of Accountability

For years, Gary Vaynerchuk was struggling to be consistent with going to the gym.

He recognized this and decided he was going to hire a full-time, dedicated, traveling personal trainer.

The results?

Years of consistent work outs.

He came to the realization that he's better at being accountable to someone else than he is himself -- so he added in a layer of accountability.

There's a reason working with a personal trainer works.

There's a reason working with a financial planner works.

There's a reason Ship 30 for 30 works.

The power of accountability is present when you find yourself struggling to build a habit, reach a desired goal, or stay consistent with your own will-power.

And there's nothing wrong with needing accountability.

Being self-aware enough to recognize that, and then taking action on it is a strength, not a weakness.

Essay #74 - 6.8.21


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