Thinking About Writing Daily? Ask Yourself This First

After writing and publishing an essay for 72 days straight, I believe daily writing is one of the best habits you can build.

But there's one question you should keep in mind before diving in:

"What do I want to accomplish with this?"

I'm not going to lie, publishing every day is really hard.

And if you don't have a 'mission' to fall back on when things get tough, it's easy to start feeling like the work isn't worth it.

My mission is: Get better at writing, try to impact one person, and clarify my thoughts & become more articulate. (Also wanna reach a goal of publishing 100 days straight)

Having that secondary goal has also helped me because it gives me something to aim for rather than publishing with no end in sight.

I've thought about giving up and quitting about every 3 essays or so and always fall back to that mission and goal.

There's going to be days where writing feels like the last thing you want to do but by keeping your mission in mind, if it's strong enough and true to yourself, you'll always be able to pull through.

Essay #75 - 6.9.21


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