What Happens When a Doordash Driver Gets Their Car Stolen?

To paint a quick picture - It was the week before Thanksgiving, I was about 3.5 months into starting my business and was struggling to get my first client. At the time, I was doing DoorDash to help pay the bills.

Then, out of nowhere, someone scheduled a Discovery Meeting and it went amazing. They said they were ready to get started, so I sent over the agreement, then nothing.

Waited a couple days, followed up, nothing. It was starting to sink in that I officially lost my first client.

So the next morning, took my dog outside at 6 like usual. Take a peek at my parking spot to look at my Jeep - it's not there.

I thought to myself, "Wtf is going on? Did I park in a different spot the night before?"

Nope. Had to wait 2 hours for the building manager to show up for the day, and then checked the cameras. Stolen at 12:34 am. Sick.

So I'd successfully lost my first client and gotten my car stolen (which was the only way I could pay my bills) all within 3 days.

I couldn't function. It felt like my entire world was collapsing. And it kind of was.

Now fast forward to the day before Thanksgiving.

Thanks to the power of Facebook Groups, my Jeep was found abandoned in a ditch, wrecked, the backseat stolen, covered in meth, and couldn't accelerate past 30 mph. Sounds bad, which it was, but that's a whole other story. But at least I got it back so I could start making money again.

Also a couple days prior to finding my car, the potential client reached out and was ready to sign.

Lesson learned? No matter how bad things may seem, they always turn around. Just keep going. And don't drive a soft-top Jeep in a city.

Essay #78 - 6.12.21


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