Will Copywriters Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

As I've followed Blake Emal on Twitter for a while, Copy.AI has shown up in my feed a lot.

Being a business owner, writer, and marketer, it was intriguing so I checked it out.

Basically, you can generate social media post copy, website copy, headlines, etc. just by entering in a few words and the platform uses GPT-3 to create the AI-generated copy.

Something like this can make current writers wonder if their job security is in question, but this is my thought process as to why I believe good copywriters can never be replaced by technology:

Just like when small businesses use Canva, if they don't make changes or alter the templates, people who use Canva can immediately tell that you're using Canva.

The development and popularity of Canva doesn't mean that graphic designers are out of jobs.

It just means that graphic design is more accessible and if someone wants better, more intentional design work, graphic designers are still there to add a human touch and make any adjustments to fit what someone wants.

If these AI-generated algorithms are designed to keep getting better and better and analyzing more writing to produce better writing, I think at some point, all the writing it produces will start to sound the same.

(And I have no idea how the technology works so this may not be entirely accurate, just sharing my thoughts)

And sometimes people need and desire collaboration with a professional to get their thoughts and opinions on strategies.

So no, I don't believe AI will replace copywriters but I do think it will weed out the people who haven't mastered their craft and only produce work that can be replaced by AI.

Essay #85 - 6.19.21


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