From TikTok to Mainstream

(I feel like I lost my ability to write anything compelling)

I was scrolling through TikTok a few weeks ago and saw a video of a guy singing in his bedroom and during the song, he made a no-look shot on one of those basketball goals that hang on the back of doors.

The song was catchy so I went to his profile and he's created a lot of TikTok content.

Anyways, it seemed like that video started popping up everywhere. I saw it reposted on several Instagram accounts and a couple times on Twitter.

From my knowledge, he wasn't super popular or anything prior to that video. Now, the song now has a music video and has been curated by Spotify playlists.

It's just crazy to me that artists (and anybody else) can change their careers simply by posting content.

If you have a passion and a some talent, you could be one video away from a whole new life.

Link to the TikTok video

Fine Apple by Nic D

Essay #88 - 6.22.21


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