Why I Put a Pause on Daily Essays

Frankly, I just needed a break from social media.

I was starting to feel overwhelmed and couldn't think straight with the amount of information and content I was consuming.

During that break I lost my writing streak and honestly, it feels relieving.

The essays were starting to feel like a chore and if something’s beginning to feel that way, I know burnout's around the corner.

I also do a lot of writing outside of just these essays, so it was becoming very challenging trying to balance everything and having to switch between different writing voices every single day.

But, I still achieved my initial goal of 30 essays in 30 days and ended up stopping at 88.

I still plan on writing essays a couple times a week because I love writing, but with more of my attention going towards top of funnel content writing for my business.

And I love creating content for fun and marketing purposes, but the business and clients always come first.

So if I ever disappear from social, just know I needed a mental health break or the business needs more attention than time I have in the day.

As always, if you took the time to read this, I appreciate you more than you know.

Essay #89 - 6.28.21 (streak broken)

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