Your Daily Efforts Dictate Your Future

As far as I can tell, Seth Godin has been publishing a piece of daily writing for at least 15 years.

I read a post from his blog this morning about how an author should approach publishing a book. It was a quick, but powerful post. I figured it'd been written fairly recently.

When I got to the bottom of the post -- published on August 2nd, 2006.

No way. I struggled to get a piece of writing out on Day 5, and this guy's been doing it for like 5,000 days.

I thought about it for a minute. How does he do this?

But I think the answer is painfully simple.

He started at Day One and never stopped.

We always see the end result of great accomplishments, but never the micro, day-to-day actions that led them there.

I have a feeling that when Seth started writing daily, he didn't think about how many times his blogs would be shared over the next decade. Or how many subscribers he'd get.

I doubt he thought about what people might think about his writing.

He just did it because he loved it and could share his ideas.

Those daily efforts have compounded far beyond the effort now needed to write every day.

He's a world-renown marketer, but it didn't start that way.

It started with doing the right things day in and day out.


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