Why Freelancers Should Be on Twitter (And How I Would Approach It)

I’m a believer that Twitter is the best place for freelancers to spend their time (outside of client work, of course). The serendipity that can be created is unparalleled. I can’t describe the number of opportunities and relationships that have stemmed from Twitter over the past 2 years.

Best Retirement Accounts For Creators

Figuring out which type of account to open can be challenging as they all have their own pros and cons so this article breaks down 3 of the best retirement accounts self-employed individuals can open

5 Financial Mistakes Freelancers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

By avoiding these 5 mistakes that I see many new (and experienced) freelancers make, you'll be able to remove the stress and worry from your finances and be able to spend more time on your passions.