Introducing The Crypto Guide

There’s A LOT of confusion as to what crypto even is.

Some people think it’s a scam, maybe a pyramid scheme, but definitely not a form of money.

Some people think it’s the future and will inevitably take over the world.

Who’s right? I don’t know.

That's why I wrote The Crypto Guide.

The Crypto Guide was birthed out of a desire to educate around facts and information I've learned, and to share my perspective about what's happening in the crypto and digital asset environment.

For context, I earned my Certified Digital Asset Advisor designation last summer and have spent the past ~8 months exploring every corner of crypto I could find.

The technology and innovation is captivating, but will it ever be more than speculation and meme coins?

I believe so.

But not in the sense of "crypto's going to take over the world".

More in the sense that we're evolving into a digital-first world and digital assets are going to exist alongside traditional assets for some time.

And since digital assets are now apart of the financial world, it's part of my job to be educated, pick up on trends, and figure out where the risks and opportunities are located.

So I spent the last 4 months writing The Crypto Guide to make learning about the space as simple as possible, while still educating around the technical aspects and core problems that crypto and digital currencies are aiming to solve.

The guide is written in story-form, starting with why crypto exists and how it differs from traditional money. It then transitions into the basics of blockchain and bitcoin, the role that ethereum plays, and how different pieces of the digital asset environment come together to form a functioning digital economy.

An example of the types of graphics and explainers featured in the guide:

Here's a full outline of topics the guide covers:

• Why crypto exists

• Blockchain

• Bitcoin & BTC

• Ethereum & ETH

• Crypto wallets

• Web 3.0

• NFTs

• Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

• DAOs

• The metaverse

• Investing in crypto

• Best practices

• Staying in the know

I believe that education should never be the roadblock to opportunities so The Crypto Guide is 11,000+ words & free, enjoy:

View The Crypto Guide

If you have any feedback or questions, don't hesitate to reach out or reply to this email. I want this guide to be as good as possible and your feedback means the world 🤍


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