One Year Anniversary

I'm writing this week's newsletter on Thursday, the one year anniversary of starting my first business, Piertree Planning - a financial planning firm designed for our generation.

I couldn't be more grateful for the clients I've gotten to work with, the people who have supported me, and for you for subscribing to this newsletter.

I founded Piertree for several reasons, but two of the main ones being:

  • To make good financial advice more accessible to our generation
  • To chase my dream of being a successful entrepreneur

We're far from being considered 'successful', but this is a lifelong mission and journey.

We're only 1 year into a 50+ year game.

Running a solo business is really hard and when combined with everything that's happened the past year, it's taken its toll.

I normally write this newsletter on Friday/Saturday, but it's currently Thursday night and I'm unplugging until this afternoon because I wanted to finally give myself permission to take a step back and breathe - so this week's newsletter is just a wrap-up of some of my favorite content I've created in the past year:

How I Saved $20,000 in 2 Years Out of College

  • If you find yourself struggling to save money because you don't see a purpose behind it, this blog post dives my driving factors behind saving money and how you can find motivation to save.

Why You Shouldn't Feel Bad Spending Money on Gym Clothes

  • This is one of my favorite blogs I've written over the past year. Spending money on gym clothes can be a great investment if it helps you get to the gym and live a healthier lifestyle and based on research I found, that's precisely what they're able to do.

8 Things to Do Before You Consider Investing in Crypto

  • A more recent article, but I believe this is a must-read blog post if you find yourself wanting to invest in crypto, but aren't sure if you're in a position to take the risk.

This Isn't Our Parent's Stock Market. Here's How to Approach It.

  • When memes are playing a role in how investments are performing, it's obvious that we're living in a different time than our parents did. In this post, I cover how you can stay educated and stay safe when investing in these kinds of markets.

We're All Salespeople

  • A quick essay that shines light on the fact that we're always selling, even if it's not in the traditional sense of the term.

Don't Skip Starbucks, Do This Instead

  • "Skipping lattes" isn't good financial advice and focusing on small, $5 decisions won't get you where you want to be financially. This post goes through some of the more impactful things to focus on so you can win the game of personal finance.

20 Basic Financial Terms They Never Taught Us In School

  • It's no secret that the education system does a terrible job of preparing us for adult life, specifically how to manage our money. This post walks through 20 important financial terms that can help you get a better understanding of the personal finance world.


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