Content is the bare minimum

I started creating content online 8 months ago.

Something I noticed immediately after publishing a few posts was that content isn't a magical unlock to growing a business, building a brand, or making money. It's the minimum requirement.

Without content, you don't exist online. It sounds harsh, but truly.

But you see, content isn't the goal. Attention is.

And it's what you do with that attention that matters.

The content has to be meaningful to your target audience, and if you're trying to build something - there has to be a way to convert that attention.

Someone enjoys what you create? Perfect. Now what?

Not having processes in place behind your content is like training for the Olympics for 4 years, qualifying, but then missing the flight to go compete. You did the hard work, don't forget to finish the job.

Here's a few great examples of creators using content to attract, and then converting attention:

Building a course/cohort

Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole are perfect examples of this. They create content around what they know, figure out what resonates, and provide solutions through books, a cohort, or more in-depth content.

Newsletter service

One of my friends in the finance world, Thomas Kopelman, sends a free monthly newsletter, provides tons of value, and has successfully converted newsletter subscribers into paying clients.

Paid subscribers

Everyone on Twitter knows Pomp - he's created Bitcoin content for years and has successfully built a massive paid newsletter, a crypto job board, an investment company, and probably more.

Quality, empathetic content and processes build businesses.

Thoughtless content becomes noise that disappears into the void.


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