Solopreneurs Don't Need Business Coaches, We Need Therapists

I took the leap into solopreneurship in July of last year.

Coming up on the one year anniversary, I've been reflecting on everything that's happened over the past 11 months. It's been fun looking back on all the challenges, hardships - as well as the wins.

But I've come to one conclusion that I think a lot of solopreneurs and creators alike would agree with:

We don't need business coaches or mentors, we need therapists.

While a mentor or coach might be able to help with tactical business advice or figuring out your direction, I don't think it provides as much value as a therapist can.

I've learned a lot about myself over the past year 1) because we've been isolated in quarantine and 2) because I've never pushed myself to these kinds of limits before.

I've learned that I've been dealing with mental health problems for way longer than I even knew and this drastic change in lifestyle brought them to the forefront.

I saw a therapist when I first started my business but with starting the business bootstrapped, I couldn't afford to keep going and my mental health quickly deteriorated after the fact.

So I'm a strong believer in the power of mentors and coaches, but I'm an even stronger believer that as solopreneurs, we would benefit more from working with therapists so we can win the mental side of entrepreneurship - and then figure out the tactical mentorship later.

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