Money Buys Happiness

This polarizing statement has been around forever because, well, it's polarizing.

People have strong opinions on whether or not money buys happiness.

And I'm here to say - it does.


But to an extent.

"Okay... tell me more"

Look, money's not going to solve all of life's problems. But it can sure solve a lot of them.

Money can get you out of that apartment you hate or city you're tired of. It can pay all the bills on time. It can get you new clothes or the new iPhone every year. It can buy you time to spend with loved ones.

Money can get you to that point where satisfaction and happiness is easier to be achieved, but the rest is up to you.

If you're pretty happy and having money would pay off all your debt and allow you to be free then yes, I would say money buys happiness. But if you're expecting money to be a cure-all to every life problem, I think you might fall short of those expectations.

Money can buy you the route to be in a position to be happy, but true happiness still has to come from within. It can remove other problems to allow you to have less obstacles in the way of achieving happiness.

I think this quote from Kanye is much more accurate:

"Money isn't everything, but not having it is"


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