A Few of My Life Goals

Grow and build the brand of Piertree:

Piertree Planning: a lifestyle financial planning firm

  • Current

Piertree Productions: a content production & distribution firm designed for financial advisors

  • 0-3 years

Piertree Properties: a real estate investment company

  • 10+ years

Piertree Provides: to give back and make an impact in my community

(I love alliteration btw)

• Grow Piertree Planning to one additional advisor and an assistant/paraplanner

• Continue improving as a writer & creator

• Write for Forbes

• Develop myself as a speaker

• Give a TED talk

• Publish a book within 2 years

• Be able to travel at least every 6 months

• Open a small coffee shop with the idea of creating a vibe where anyone, but specifically local creators and solopreneurs, can work around others

  • Limited menu, be known for a couple items

Chances are I won't accomplish everything and I'm sure my goals will change with time, but knowing where I want to go allows me to make decisions that align with them.

Now, just gotta put in the work.



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