3 Things I Use Notion For to Be More Productive

I use Notion every day and would be lost without it.

Notion has a lot of use cases, but some of my favorites relate to content creation. From a content calendar to the actual creation at times, everything starts in Notion for me.

These are 3 things I use it for to be more productive when creating content:

Content Planning

Each week, I plan out the content that needs to be created and have a checklist for everything that needs to get done each day. I have it broken down by day and platform so for example on Wednesday's, I know I need to post on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn so I would already have the content pre-planned and created before the day comes. This has made a huge impact on the amount of time it takes to think of ideas and then execute on the creation.


Over the past several months, I've built a swipe file of different tweets, copy, etc to draw inspiration from. Instead of scrolling through social media and ending up getting distracted and not doing anything productive, I can go to my library and get any inspiration I need.

Writing Topics & Prompts

This drastically helps reduce the amount of time it takes to write. I don't think I could write daily without it.

I write for my business site, my personal site, Medium, and then daily essays so I have each one in a separate page, have topics or headlines I want to write about, and a few thoughts written out from when I first thought of a topic.

This makes it easier to sit down, pick a topic, and already have a headstart rather than writing with no topic in mind and a blank page.


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