We're All Salespeople

I'm a strong believer that sales is one of the most impactful skills someone can learn.

And I'm not talking about the kind of sales where a sleazy used car salesman, breath wreaking of desperation, tries all the tricks in the book to get you to buy one of their cars.

I'm talking about the art of sales.

Being an active listener, articulating your value, being (ethically) persuasive, negotiating, and ultimately - helping solve someone's problem. Because in the end, business sales is just about matching your product or service to someone who can benefit from it.

But even in our day to day lives, we're selling.

Selling our significant other on the fact that we don't need another Amazon package showing up at our doorstep.

Selling ourselves on the idea that what we're doing is going to be worth it.

Selling our bank on the fact that they should refund the overdraft fee.

We may not know it, but the end of the day, we're all salespeople.

Essay #52 - 5.17.21


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