F*** Imposter Syndrome

That creator you look up to that puts out content every day?

Still worries about if it's good enough.

That entrepreneur that looks like they have it all figured out?

Still learns something new every day.

Nobody has it all figured out. Imposter syndrome is something everyone faces. In fact, I think it's a necessary part of growth.

What's the fun in having everything figured out right away anyway?

There's no challenge or reward in that.

Imposter syndrome stems from being uncomfortable with something you haven't done before. It's natural to feel like an imposter if you're constantly challenging yourself.

This took me a while to realize but once you embrace it, every new situation becomes a learning opportunity. You don't feel like an imposter anymore, rather just someone early in their journey.

Don't let imposter syndrome hold you back from pushing the boundaries.

It's okay to feel that tension when growing and expanding into new areas.

Just remember: Everyone starts somewhere and no one else has it figured out either.


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